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Yoga and Ayurveda One Day Retreat

Arvi Gosmo has been holding retreats with other facilitators in the past 8 years combining yoga,
food and music. After acquiring much experience and skills from these events, she is now forging
forward to hold space on her own in this one-day retreat of

Yoga and Ayurveda (sister science of Yoga).


This retreat will focus on revitalizing and energizing the body, mind and spirit
through body movement, breath work, meditation and nutrition. Everyone is welcome,
regardless of race, gender and religious affiliation. This retreat is open to young adults and
adults,16 years of age and up.

Date: Sunday, July 28, 2024

Time: 9am to 4:30pm

Place: St. Brigid Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph,  Ontario

Cost: $145/person, $120 Early Bird Special Until June 15, 2024

To sign up, please email Arvi at

Here’s what to expect

● Connecting with like-minded individuals
● Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga
● Journaling
● Walking in nature - time alone or with a friend
● Introduction to Ayurveda
● Preparing and Cooking our lunch - with Ayurvedic Nutritional guidelines
● Cleansing and Balancing our Energy Centres (Chakras)
● Breathing Exercises
● Meditation

Here’s what to bring

● A yoga mat
● A blanket
● Two yoga blocks
● A bolster
● A yoga strap

About the facilitator

After more than 25 years of culinary experience, Arvi Gosmo is a very knowledgeable and
highly successful culinary chef. She has cooked and owned her own restaurant and established
a successful catering business with numerous testimonials to back up her expertise in the culinary trade.


Along with being a professional chef, Arvi is also a seasoned yogi. She has been a yoga
practitioner for over 30 years. She holds a 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Certificate and has
been teaching for the last 4 years.  She is currently finishing her 300 Hour Yoga Teachers Training.

5th annual spring songwriting-yoga retreat on snake island-3.jpg

Arvi Gosmo and James Gordon


Snake Island Spring Retreat

May 30th to June 2nd, 2024

Our fifth annual weekend of songwriting, fine food and yoga

in a fabulous natural setting


Arvi Gosmo and James Gordon have worked together since 2020 to create a weekend retreat setting that has turned out to be a very rewarding experience for all of their participants. They’ve been thrilled with the success of these events. Due to popular demand, they are adding a spring retreat this coming May, this time returning to our original location: Snake Island on Ontario's Lake Simcoe. Remote but just one hour North of Toronto. It’s a welcoming setting ideally suited to what they have been offering. This will be an intimate, exclusive gathering as there are just 12 rooms available in this unique Lighthouse setting.


Here’s what to expect


The Weekend (Thursday supper till Sunday Afternoon) includes:

● An opening reception and song circle.

● 6 delicious and nutritious gourmet meals cooked from scratch on-site by Arvi, including a cooking

class on Saturday where you’ll create your own meal!

● A songwriting workshop, an assignment that will get you started on the song you’ll write, and a

group songwriting exercise.

● Additional workshops on lyrics, melody and structure, co-writing, whatever you’re interested in, as

well as the return of the popular ‘Songs you Love’ song analysis session. Let us know if you have

ideas about what we can offer.

● Friday and Saturday night song circle and jamming.

● Lots of time and inviting spaces for you to work on your song.

● One-on-one time with James to nurture along with your song.

● Sunday afternoon session where you’ll share your new song, get positive feedback and a

recording of it.

● 3 night’s accommodation in your own spacious and comfortable room. Couples welcomed too.

Let us know your dietary concerns. We know you’ll love the food. Coffee, tea, water, juice and snacks

will be available throughout the day. Light snacks will also be offered in between meals. Bring your own



The Cost

$825 for the weekend; (10% discount for couples)

NO EXPERIENCE or Instrument necessary. You’ll write a great song and others will help.

Payment by e-transfer to



About the facilitators

James Gordon is known in Canadian music circles as the “Songwriter’s Songwriter”. He’s

written more than 1500 songs, and released 40 albums solo or with his former band Tamarack.

He was songwriter-in-residence at CBC radio for many years, primarily with Arthur Black’s show,

has led many songwriting retreats, solo or with Katherine Wheatley, and has been conducting

his “Song Doctor” classes for a few years as well. His song “Frobisher Bay” has been recorded

by over 100 artists world-wide, and his song “Mining For Gold”, made famous by the Cowboy

Junkies, has appeared in numerous films. This year he had a viral hit: 300,000 views of his

controversial ‘Crybabies Caravan’, and his first novel was a finalist for the Stephen Leacock

Humour Award.

Arvi Gosmo: After more than 25 years of culinary experience, Arvi Gosmo is a very

knowledgeable and highly successful culinary chef. She has cooked and owned her own

restaurant and established a successful catering business with numerous testimonials to back

up her expertise in the culinary trade.

Along with being a professional chef, Arvi is also a seasoned yogi. She has been a yoga

practitioner for over 30 years and also holds a 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Certificate.

She is currently finishing her 300 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Certificate and in Rwanda helping to establish a retreat centre there.


Arvi and James would love to share this unique experience with you.

More details on request: or 226-971-9132



Songwriting has largely been an independent process for me and the collaboration only

happened once the song was born. During this retreat weekend, I was able to come alongside

other songwriters as we each created our new songs. It is a gift to have a window into this

creative and nurturing process. Songwriters are also such a joy to jam with! I highly recommend

these retreats for new and seasoned songwriters.


James and Arvi gave us a great weekend retreat of good music, good food and good vibes.

The feeling of isolation you get from the location focuses your musical efforts. I have

written a recordable song at every retreat.

~Neil Hutchinson, frequent retreat participant

This experience at The Songwriting workshop in Clarksburg in May 2022 was simply

outstanding in every way. The James and Arvi team have a unique way of precipitating an

intimate community atmosphere in a very short time. The special guidance, support and

encouragement from James is wonderful, everyone's a winner in one way or another. One’s

writing of song skills can’t help but improve.Any doubts regarding one's ability are addressed

and nurtured in a professional supportive manner.The conclusion? Everyone improved and

presented their song.Collaboration is also encouraged successfully, you make friends here!!

Arvi herself with her personality and cooking skills brings a wealth of knowledge and amazing

food preparation.

The meals were simply five stars! Plus she taught yoga as well as giving a cooking class. What

more could one ask?

This experience was the best yet, the location at Clarksburg Ontario is also comfortable and

spacious.on beautiful grounds. I would do this again anytime. Thankful participant.

~Jean Doench

What a joyful retreat in a serene setting in Clarksburg. James skillfully nurtured our

songwriting efforts, while Arvi nourished us with delicious food and gentle yoga.

Collaborating with such talented participants as well resulted in many wonderful new tunes

and friendships. I so appreciate the trusting and supportive environment that allowed us

all to create something wonderful.

~Connie Murch

I am still processing our weekend together, and always will be. Joy. It was one of those

experiences I think. Just by being put into a situation where I had to write a song, now I

appreciate others' songs so much more; so, the weekend ended up being more depth than

breadth for me, and I needed that in my world of temptation to distraction.

So somehow we touched on that, and of course James and Arvi know this, they both exude this

quality of kindness and depth, so that set the tone for the whole weekend. And I really want to

thank you James and Arvi for your efforts and the work you put in to create a weekend where

we could all connect, and focus on what is important and not necessarily comfortable or easy.

You are both masters in my opinion.

I appreciate you all, and I hope to do it again in whatever form, even though I have reluctance

and doubt.

The cuisine and accommodation were fantastic.


Thank you for an outstanding extended weekend on the art and science of songwriting.

The weekend saw an excellent progression of an introduction to songwriting, the use of the

group songwriting exercise as a way to point out and explore the different stages of

songwriting, the performance seminar and the conclusion with the finale performance by

each of us.

On a personal note, I was made most welcome by both of you, even though I did not know

you at all beforehand. Your relaxed manner was infectious with all of the participants. We

all got to know and enjoy each other's various songwriting and performing talents. The

informal jam sessions were most helpful to foster this familiarity and the development of

many friendships.

I would note that the accommodations and the food fit the occasion perfectly. The

courtesy, care and talent with the food preparation was an unexpected but most

appreciated benefit. The yoga was another unexpected treat and so helpful at settling the

mind to focus on songs.

I wish you all the best with any such future endeavours. I hope to get the opportunity to

return to another one soon.

~Mike Burke

Ditto your comments, everyone. Super weekend. Lovely to spend time with all you talented and

supportive people.

~Wendy M.

Thanks for everything Arvi and James for making this songwriters' retreat a success. I

never thought when we first assembled that it was possible - but everyone turned out

songs and most of them were really amazing. Whatever James is doing to make these

workshops work, he is doing it right. Again it was a pleasure to attend - accommodations

were excellent, and food and refreshments wonderful. Finally this was an enriching

experience being with all those other talented people - and the building of community in

such a short time almost a miracle.


Rwanda Safari + Soulful Retreat
March 1-7,  2024

Have you always wanted to go on an African Safari? 

Now you can go for a day with an organized group and a safe tour guide that will guide us through Akagera National Park so you can finally have that thrilling safari experience. You also have the option to go for more days if you like. You'll be able to tick that off your bucket list and have memories to last a lifetime. 

While on this 6 night retreat at Akagera Rhino Lodge, Nora Benian and I will guide you through the wilderness, with 2 specially catered yoga classes daily, Group Theta healing,

Self-healing workshop, Nutrition and Healthy cooking class, Mandala making and more.


Each of you will receive 2 therapeutic massages which is included in your reservation and also an option for a Private Aura Tuning and/or Reiki healing.

Rwanda has been referred to as a tropical Switzerland and is located a few degrees south of the Equator. It is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Great Rift Valley of Central Africa,. 

Your accommodations are comfortable with a modern design that overlooks the vast breathtaking scenery. Most rooms are shared with one other person or you can reserve one of 3 private rooms at an additional cost. Book your room ASAP.

The vibrancy of the scenery and the beauty of the people along with our retreat wellness program makes this exotic adventure a one of a kind and a bucket list ticker.

Shared room reservation costs $2249 USD

Private room reservation costs $2995 USD

Come and experience your wild side.

Cost includes all the programs plus a shuttle ride to and from the airport. 

Cost does not include airfare and travel insurance.


Sign up link:

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