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About Magnolia

Combine all the elements of fresh quality foods and ingredients from local suppliers with the creative culinary passions of an artisan such as Arvi Gosmo and you have Magnolia Catering.

In the hustle and bustle of life in a Digital age of Social Media, it becomes more and more difficult to stop and savour the healthy benefits of a good meal. Arvi has bridged the need for speed by delighting the most rushed palate with a cuisine that achieves harmony with healthy menus that will not only nourish the body but indulge the soul long after the meal or event is over.

Owner, proprietor and world travelled host Arvi Gosmo, who recently closed her beloved vegan Magnolia Café to focus on her full service catering company, is best described as a cuisine designer and food lover! By combining her internationally diverse experiences and extensive knowledge of fresh produce and spice, she creates sensational, surprising and delightful meals and tempting morsels that draw inspiration from the culinary worlds of Thailand, Indonesia, Latin America, India, Morocco and the Mediterranean.

At Magnolia, her love for food and passion for community means that she is committed to mindful and sustainable food practices and specializes in sourcing local, seasonal, fresh and organic produce in all her delicious and healthy offerings. With style, good taste and impeccable execution she creates an experience as unique to her as it is to you.Focusing not only on her delicious vegan and gluten-free menu, Arvi has also customized her culinary skills to meet your personal needs to ensure your unique party’s success.  By introducing the option to add an unparalleled selection and quality of seafood and local meats from her butcher and meat curators, she has ensured all your guests are satisfied no matter what their personal culinary appetite demands.

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