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Meet your instructor, Arvi!


After more than 20 years of culinary experience, a talented individual has been molded into a very knowledgeable and highly successful culinary chef. Your trainer has cooked and owned her own restaurant and established a successful catering business with numerous testimonials to back up her expertise in the culinary trade. And to top it off she has taken her skill sets to teaching at Conestoga College, in Waterloo, Ontario.
Where many have developed their cuisine to fit the appetites of their customers, Arvi has taken it a few steps higher by ensuring the menu is not only tasteful but has been cooked and presented in a manner that is rich in appearance and when available, locally sourced. She has also developed healthy and nutritious meal options for those who prefer vegan and gluten free cuisine.
Her international menus include spicy Asian, tantalizing Mexican, mouth watering Italian and even North American. Over the years she has perfected her style, created and implemented a niche and will wow you with her signature dishes and seasonal specials.
In spite of her busy catering schedule ranging from special events to weddings and celebrations of life, Arvi has taken the time to put together these culinary classes to share her skills and spread her love of cooking.
So register now and be wowed by the chef herself!

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